11. March 2020


Thanks for joining me on this adventure! This doc will be updated with the most current guidelines and details on how to participate.

Question Crowdsourcing Process

The call for questions will go out once a week on the hashtag #AMinuteOnTheMic on Twitter. For now, these posts are going out on my personal account.

Video Guidelines

  • Videos MUST be 60 seconds or less (59.99 seconds, the three nines of mic time). I will completely cut you off otherwise, and I may skip your video completely.
  • Record in landscape.
  • Save in mp4 format.
  • Please confirm that your video loads in a common player (and let me know which one in your banner doc) before submitting. VLC is a good example of a common player that I can access.
  • Record in as high a quality as you can. The lowest framerate I can accept is 30 fps.
  • Script:
    • “Hi, I’m <name>” (optional: add “from <company>”). Then answer the question. Do NOT repeat the question then answer, just answer.
  • Filename: Last-First-Keyword-Date
    • I will provide the keyword when opening up the sharing link.

Submission Process

  • Drop your video in the sharing link provided.
  • Add a text file that has your full name, twitter handle, and company as you’d like it on your name banner over the lower third of your video. Filename: Last-First-Keyword-Date-Banner.txt
  • RT the next submission question call to help the next round.

What if I want to add someone to the list of answerers?

Have them fill out the same Google Form you did! If you don’t have the link, DM me.

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